Water system repair

The head of Getik village of Tjambarak district requested the Fund on the repair of drinking-water pipeline in the village. While carrying out various projects in this region in Getik village we witnessed the fact that water coming from the tap was muddy, especially in a rainy day. Here a drinking water reaches families from mountain springs but the way that the water passes didn’t let us say that it was clean and safe for use. However, people living in Getik used just this water because they had no alternative; the pipes delivering water to residents were not fit even for irrigation. These tubes were built in 40-50-ies, they have served over half a century, but the whole pipeline were attacked by corrosion, there were holes in the pipe, because of it the dirt dumped into the drinking water and pipes; so it reached the residents in dirty state. Residents were drinking this water, using it in various household purposes. They were realizing that it was dangerous for their health, however they had no other option, there is no other source of water in this village, and what if suddenly the epidemic started…

The rural municipality did not have means to replace the water pipes. The villagers were ready to replace them on their own, however the experts pointed out that the area was such one that it was impossible to replace the whole pipeline only by the efforts of the residents. In other words, besides the pipes, as the water pipe passes through the mountains, there was a need for special equipment for carrying out works. The lease of such equipment is quite expensive. The equipment is employed by hourly rate. This work could not be carried out without the help of sponsors. Diaconia Charitable Fund didn’t ignore the application and carried out a building project. It was necessary to change the whole pipeline. As it was included by the project, the men of the village rendered a great help during carrying out the construction, providing laborers power, but the availability of the equipment also was important here as soil excavation works should have been done with appropriate tractor.
Fortunately, neither the weather nor any other factor disturbed our works and we managed to move this equipment to mountains, where the soil should have been excavated. As the result we had 432 m replaced pipes, 250 meters of which were the pipes falling into the reservoir, 180 m were pipes falling out the reservoir.
These were precisely the pipeline segments that were attacked by corrosion and were damaged. Now, there isn’t any hole in the water pipes, therefore only clean water flows to the Getik village. The implementation of this project has greatly changed the lifestyle of the residents of Getik community providing them with fit drinking water, as well as contributing to the preservation of the health of entire village residents.