The construction of Alaverdi Medical Center

Tuberculosis treatment in Armenia is free of charge, but people need travel expenses in order to reach the only center of this disease treatment from different regions of Armenia, which is located in Abovyan town, Kotayk region. The number of patients with tuberculosis is very high in Alaverdi, Lori region due to high poverty level; however patients, most of whom live in difficult social conditions, are unable to go to Abovyan town 200 kilometers away from Alaverdi and get treatment. The construction of such center, the services of which could be used also by the residents of other towns and villages of the region, was a great need for the town. Diaconia Charitable Fund developed a construction plan for an appropriate medical center in Alaverdi. There was a building adjacent to the Alaverdi Medical Center, which was abandoned and did not meet the standards of similar center, therefore it was necessary to repair it and create adequate sanitary-hygienic conditions. It required long time before the building got its final look, but it was due to the fact that the renovation of the building required a thorough and lengthy work and it was necessary to implement everything properly for keeping hygienic conditions. Initially dismantling works were carried out; the design of the building was also changed as the old building did not meet the standards. Tuberculosis Center has 3 patient rooms, 2 laboratories, a bathroom and a hallway. A new entrance also was opened for the center, as it was designed by the initial program. In other words, there are two entrances, through one the sick person enters and gets a proper treatment, and already a recovered patient leaves the hospital through the other entrance. The first task of the construction of tuberculosis treatment center was the problem of isolating the patient as much as possible from healthy people in order to prevent the spread of disease among healthy people. Now, the town has a tuberculosis treatment and prevention center, which will contribute to improving of health quality of the town and region residents. Tuberculosis-infected residents of the town and its surrounding villages get effective professional treatment, and preventive treatment will help to prevent the possible development of the disease.