Vardan Gyulnazaryan

March 19, 2002, Yerevan

” There is Sun in my world”

Family members tender Vardan. He lives with his father and grandmother. The boy’s mother died years ago. A care of a very  important human being in his life has decreased, but the grandmother is by the grandchild’s side, helps as much as she can. It is not easy to show concern for a child with cerebral palsy alone, and the son does not work. This family members feel a need of sunshine, the sun, that awakens hope for a new day that one day everything will be better. Vardan is living with this hope as well. He doesn’t speak, does not walk, he is not much aware of the difficult social conditions of the family, doesn’t realize many things, but there is sun living in him, for sure.

These children live in their world with the feelings familiar only to them. Since 2006 Vardan has been the beneficiary of Diaconia Charitable Fund. Every month he is given food stuff, psychotropic drugs, diapers, the family also receives financial assistance. These people’s life is like a cold, colorless drawing, to which caring people can add warmth and sun.

If you are touched by this child’s fate, and are willing to help his family, reach out to Diaconia Charitable Fund office or email us.