Tereza Azatyan

March 23, 1999, Yerevan

 “I am sure I will recover feet one day”

Her father abandoned the family when the child was born disabled with severe disease of CNS: cerebral palsy –diplegia. This was a double crook in the lot for a woman, but looking for guilty persons was a rat race: the child was born with a serious health problem, her child whom she had to raise. In these situations, one should communicate with the person to understand him, to see his daily routine, but even this is not enough. Teresa’s mother raises her with the severities. For obvious reasons she cannot work. Of course, her pensioner mother helps them, there is also Teresa’s disability pension, but it is clear that the situation is inconsolable, to put it mildly. Tereza is an amazing girl, regardless of the fact that she can not move singly and can hardly articulate a few coherent words, she loves life and is always smiling.

The girl is delighted when they have guests from the Fund. She is very hospitable.  She has such an eagerness to recover and loves life and people so much that she believes that one day she will recover. Since 2008, Teresa has been under the care of Diaconia Charitable Fund. Upon food-aid program, the family receives food stuffs every month; she is in the center of attention of the pediatrician. The Fund also provides the girl with monthly psychotropic medications and diapers.


If you are touched by this child’s fate, and are willing to help her family, reach out to Diaconia Charitable Fund office or email us.