Sona Babakhanyan

August 27, 1996 Yerevan

“What does being happy mean?”

When a girl is born everybody in a family wishes her happiness and healthy childhood, and parents plan for future that one day she will find her “significant other” and will wear a white bride dress and will be the most beautiful bride ever. This dream could vanish from the very first days of the child’s life because of the doctors’ diagnosis about the child’s health condition. Cerebral palsy. First the parent gets shocked with the sentence, then he tries to find the guilty one, then he curses his luck, then… then he lives with accepting the reality which is very hard in both psychological and physical aspects. Sona wasn’t renounced by her parents. They raised her but how … only an aware person will understand. The girl grew up, her parents’ dreams didn’t become inspired again. She is very irritable, sensitive. There are 5 members in the family but only their father works. They hardly make both ends meet. Since 2011 Sona has been the beneficiary of Diaconia Charitable Fund. Every month she gets food aid, medicines and diapers. The family is also in need of a kind word, attention, Sona needs it, too because she is very sensitive. If you are touched by Sona’s fate, and are willing to help her family, reach out to Diaconia Charitable Fund office or email us.