Shushanik Grigoryan

July 02, 1998, Yerevan

“I will never give up my dream”

 Ten years ago Shushanik and her brother Rafael were included in the Fund as homeless and needy families’ children. Now Shushanik is 18, her brother is 14. The children lived with their parents, but their father did not have a permanent job. Family’s bad conditions was getting worst day after day because of lack of money. Unbearableness won in the relationships of spouses, and they divorced one and half year ago. Father didn’t break with children but he cannot be financially helpful to them. Mother, Anna is 43 years old. After their divorce, she moved to her sister’s apartment with the children as they didn’t have any opportunity to rent an apartment…

Still a schoolgirl Shushanik decided to become a history teacher or a guide. She didn’t just dream, she was also learning for her dream come true. In 2015 Shushanik with her own efforts entered Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan on the faculty of Art’s History and Theory and now she is a second year student. When it already seemed that the dreams were coming true, lack of money again became an obstacle. An annual tuition fee was 362,000 drams.

The girl had to find work in order to combine work with study to be able to pay tuition fee, however the work was in shifts and it was impossible to combine it with education. She changed her job as livelihoods were needed, but she didn’t  give up her dream of studying.

 The Fund supported the girl by providing 160,000 AMD- the most of the necessary amount of the second semester of the second year. This year will be completed, the next one will start. Shushanik doesn’t give up hope, kind people will not ignore her, she will also work, will do everything in order to start one day telling the guests of our city about Yerevan, about treasures of Armenia, about kind deeds of kind people living in the world, and the intangible heritage, which one cannot buy with money, but will bequeath if you sow with love and faith.