Hovsep Davtyan

 April 24, 1993, Akori village of Lori region

“My village needs me, people need me”

Akori is the most beautiful village in the world for Hovsep. We do not want to praise the nature of Lori. One cannot succeed to do it better than a genius Lori habitant. Childhood memories are happy regardless of the burden Hakob grew up in. Except the nature everything is in black and white in the village reality: monotonous daily life, land cultivation, cattle breeding, fields works.

In short, a real burden in return for a trivial result. Hovsep realized that if he didn’t get higher education he would deserve the same fate. He didn’t want so. He studied, finished school and moved to Yerevan and entered the extension department of the faculty of law at the State University.

He had no place to stay, he had to rent an apartment, care the rest of needs, and find a light work to live on his wits. His parents could not help him much. They were living in the hope of a sick mother’s pension of 24,000 drams and the harvest collected from home garden. One of the brothers is married, he lives with his wife and two children at parents’ home, and the other, Valeriy, left for Russia between jobs. Hovsep could not go back to the village; he did not want to upset his parents as they had great expectations from him, and besides Hovsep did not want to give up on his dream. They somehow managed to pay three year tuition fee. His brother borrowed some money and was sending from Russia so that Hovsep could continue his study at the University. But one day there was no suchlike chance, and he faced a real threat of being left out of the University. They reached out to Diaconia Charitable Fund. Having explored Hovsep’s story the Fund took on the responsibility for transferring the tuition fee for two years. Hovsep graduated from the University. Now he has found a low-wage job at one of the law firms in Alaverdi for which he is very happy. Hovsep is planning to continue his studies in Yerevan advocates’ school which will give him a chance to fill in all professional gaps, get high education, and succeed in his profession more and more. Thus he will finally realize the supreme goal of his life of helping his family out of the difficult plight. Someone from Akori village reached his goal thanks to his ambition and benefactors’ support. His two brothers did not do it. Who knows, maybe they all united with their efforts for Hovsep to be able to study. And what if dozens, hundreds of people unite in order to help dozens who will help the other dozens in future… We will collect tomorrow what we sow today. Hovsep has health problems-upper limb light tremor (nerve disease, which manifests itself mainly in the form of contraction) due to which Hovsep was released from compulsory military service.