Hayk Margaryan

 July 31, 2005, Yerevan

“When I grow up I will become a good man without doubt”

 The child’s world is reflected in his eyes. Happiness and sadness are mixed in this world in Hayk’s eyes. The boy was orphaned in 2006 when his father died in a car accident, in 2015 his mother died of cancer. Grandmother and Hayk’s two elder sisters make up for parents’ absence. They say grief unites the family members. They take care of each other, give love and affection. Adverse social conditions do not allow living in happy circumstances. Hayk’s elder sister is the only working family member. She is the white hope of a family of four. In spite of heavy blows of fate Hayk hasn’t lost his love for life and people. He is a very clever and gifted boy. He attends a folk dance group, goes in for karate. He has been engaged in many contests and recorded good results. Such kinds of interests don’t prevent him from performing well academically. He has a special love for Armenian language and literature and history as school subjects. The boy aims to enter higher education institute and ensure a decent life for his caring grandmother and sisters. The only man of the family builds man’s plans.  Since 2011 Hayk has been the beneficiary of Diaconia Charitable Fund. By various support programmes the Fund helps this family every month, it also financed the boy’s appendicitis operation.


If you are touched by Hayk Margaryan’s fate, and are willing to help him actualize himself reach out to Diaconia Charitable Fund office or email us.