Artush Sanosyan

Artush Sanosyan is 12 years old. He lives in doctors’ family. His father is a radiologist, mother is a laboratory assistant, his paternal grandfather is a cardiologist and his grandmother is a pediatrician. It seems that the professional help for a child’s healthy growth can be instant at any time.

But the family faced a reality against which even the experience of relatives was powerless.
  On March 4, 2014 while mother was dressing her kid, she noticed a lump under the kid’s chin. They thought it was a cyst, but for safety they took him several times to sonographic examination, had his biochemical tests and they decided with their colleagues to perform a surgery in the oncological maxillofacial department.

During the examination conducted before the surgery, it turned out that the tumor was deeper, a  laryngeus one and there was no possibility to continue examining in Yerevan moreover to have it operated. Artush was immediately transferred to Moscow. In the state cancer research center after Blokhin after all kinds of examinations and the biopsy it turned out that the child had a sarcoma type of tumor. Immediately radiotherapy and chemotherapy was assigned. The doctors’ family occupationally has always helped many people in serious conditions without seeking to profit. Now, personally facing this ominous fact they lose self-control for a moment, and then quickly orientate and collect the most of the amount needed for therapy. A cardiologist grandfather spared nothing, even his and his wife’s wedding rings.  The child was to pass the therapy in 4 stages, for which

 $50,000 was needed. After the third stage they couldn’t manage to collect the remaining amount.
There is a type of people for whom it is difficult to knock at others doors and ask for money. No, they don’t consider it a disgrace, just as the boy’s grandfather says, “I am sure that you will not be surprised if I say that it is easy only to bow and kneel before God, asking for forgiveness and mercy, and I am sorry but to ask people for  money is difficult and shameful”. It is hard to hear about someone else’s tragedy, and if it is related to a child, and if the situation is such one that help  is possible, just money is needed, in this case one cannot  fail to come to assistance. The president of Diaconia Charitable Fund Baruyr Jambazian could not stand idly by to the pain of child and his relatives. 1,400 000 drams was transferred for this child’s life saving. The amount is not significant, what matters is the fact that one doesn’t stand idly by to the pain of others, especially when someone’s life can be saved on your decision, someone can be saved.
Artush’s   younger brother David was waiting for the return of his brother. Artush came back recovered.

There is not a greater piece of luck than when one’s child is alive and healthy.