Anahit  Vardanyan

February 02,1998, Yerevan

“I am thankful to a stranger who became near and dear”

 There are several important events in human life, which happen once and for all life time. One of them is a family. A union established by hope, faith and love, which however often ends up still in the early years. It seems that not a big deal, failed. Maybe … failed, and what about the kids, what is their fault that they are  left to the mercy of reality … Since 2001, two kids Anahit and her sister Alvard  have become a large family members. They make use of Diaconia Charitable Fund’s programs: one of the most important issues, i.e. the issue of food was resolved for the young mother Kristine. The children had their own sponsors:  foreign people living in a foreign country take care of them.

Kristine had also lost her home and lived at her 71 year old mother’s, who was also in need of care and assistance. The family lived, blessing those who blessed them. The girls’ mother didn’t shy away from any kind of job, should it be a cleaning work at others’ homes or sewing orders. The family didn’t lose one important thing, a faith in tomorrow, a hope for a happy future for the girls and love for the people who unselfishly help.

Now, when Anahit (19 years old) and Alvard (20 years old) both have grown up and they are both students, Kristine found herself in the hot seat. The lack of permanent employment became an insurmountable obstacle for the payment of tuition fees for girls. Alvard studies at the Linguistic University after V. Bryusov on distance learning (annual fee is 280,000 drams), and Anahit is the second year student at the French University, she has a higher academic  performance, she has chosen the Engineering and Design department, where she will have to study another 2.5 years, (the annual fee is 640,000 drams). Kristine was able to pay just Anahit’s  first year  first semester fee. The girl would have lost her chance to continue her education but for Diaconia Charitable Fund’s heads who lent their helping hand to the family. Anahit will finish the second course in July 2017. Her dream of getting education is the most important and primary one. With this aim she wants to relieve her mother’s burden and sufferings, give a start in life, to receive an education in order to answer the twist of the fate with the same irony. Need is a phenomenon that tears people from inside. Thank goodness there are people who aren’t enslaved to their minds, who try to get out of this situation and they are doing everything in order for their children at least to not have a feeling of being impoverished. Kristine didn’t educate in her children the psychology of a poor person, and she succeeded it thanks to the people who helped, who didn’t remain indifferent. It does not matter that the helpers are also foreigners. Charity knows no nationality.