Health is one of the most precious things in the world for a particular person as well as in a matter of having a healthy society. Like in case of  other programs, while implementing health programs, our Fund helps not only in one or two-time programs support, but in long-term programs as well. In the framework of the implementation of beneficiaries health programs Diaconia Charitable Fund arranged a monthly health care for its beneficiaries: dental services, hardware and non hardware research support, drug distribution. There is a free of charge dental clinic in the Fund directed by our dentist, Dr. Hayk Yaghubyan. 40-50 beneficiary children use the service of the clinic every month. Since 2003, the Fund’s experienced pediatrician Marina Ghukasyan has been working with 48 disabled beneficiaries aged between 5 to 20 years (cerebral palsy, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.). The pediatrician regularly visits the beneficiary children, gets to know their health condition, talks to caregivers and doctors. Psychological works are also being carried out with the children‘s parents. Many children often come to the fund accompanied by their doctors. Games, music, interaction, talks are being arranged for them here. Thanks to our friends supporting the Fund we provide these children with special hours of therapy and monthly medication, nursing supplies, diapers, wheel chairs, etc. Along with supporting the treatment of diseases Diaconia Charitable Fund also carries out programs aimed at the prevention of diseases. 

Tuberculosis is treated free of charge in RA, however the only specialized center for the treatment of this disease in our country is in Abovyan town, but there are patients who need treatment in various regions of Armenia and have no chance of reaching the mentioned specialized center. Diaconia Fund had its contribution in solving this problem in the Lori region. With our assistance the department of tuberculosis in the Alaverdi hospital was renovated, which provides the treatment of patients suffering from this disease as well as its prevention. The renovation of such a center, the services which can be also used by the residents of other towns and villages of the region, was a great necessity for the city. The health programs in Lori region move beyond this. With the assistance of the Fund’s sponsors the polyclinic of Sanahin-Sarahart district in Alaverdi, which serves over 11,000 residents of the neighborhood and the nearby Akner village, was also renovated. The health center in Mets Parni village of Lori region was  provided with a  sonography multifunction machine, due to which the population of Mets Parni and nearby villages no longer have to get to the hospital of Spitak town for an examination. А partial repair of children’s polyclinic of  Tashir Medical Center was implemented by the Fund’s sponsors. Doors and windows were replaced, a heating system was installed. The polyclinic serves the residents of Tashir town  and 16 nearby villages. Our programs are not limited by solving the problems of  beneficiaries: we are whereon people are in need of Diaconia Charity Fund’s assistance. This package is available to both the beneficiaries of Diaconia Charity Fund and any needy child or family living in the RA or NKR regions  who match the criteria of the fund and  will apply to the Diaconia Charity Fund in order to receive an appropriate support and assistance.