Food aid

The main directions of the Fund’s activity

Diaconia Charitable Fund has about 4000 beneficiaries in Yerevan and in various regions of RA. Every month the beneficiaries receive a food package that contains grains, butter, oil, sweets and other food (the weight of each beneficiary’s monthly food package is 12-15kg). Package contents are changed every month depending on the season and families’ requirements. Food packages are also received by the families of killed and disabled soldiers, needy families of border communities, beneficiaries of various social organizations, disabled and elderly people. Among our beneficiaries there are people living on a special diet, whose food aid is arranged in accordance with appropriate food lists. On a certain day of the month the beneficiaries of Yerevan and nearby regions get aid from the Fund’s warehouse, and the packages of the other beneficiaries are delivered to the appropriate region by the fund’s trucks.

This package is available to both the beneficiaries of Diaconia Charitable Fund and any needy child or family living in the RA or NKR regions who match the criteria of the fund and will apply to the Diaconia Charitable Fund in order to receive an appropriate support and assistance.