We will bequeath the future of our country to our children. We will harvest tomorrow what we sow today. In our independent country everybody has the right to receive an education today, but due to rough social conditions children of many families are deprived of this right. In rural communities the situation is even worse. There are many talented and gifted children living in poor conditions that need our attention. With its other programs Diaconia Charitable Fund helps children with necessary kits and clothes for attendance at school, however limiting only by school does not provide a full solution of the problem. Among these children there are such ones that do not hit the eye by academic progress, and what will happen after they finish school, where will they find a job – they will lay the basis of a new needy family. In order to help such children, in 2010 a specialized education center, Diaconia-Paros was opened along with the Fund -an industrial school -in the following groups: bread baking and confectionery, dressmaking, applied art, construction, English and Russian languages and computer courses. The teachers were selected by professional and interpersonal qualities. Free courses are available for   beneficiaries of the Fund, parentless children, large families, unemployed and handicapped people. Our specialized education center already has a great recognition; the number of applicants who want to participate in all courses has increased. The number of annual graduates of  Diaconia reaches 100 people. Graduates receive a graduate certificate. The Fund also supports the establishment of vocational and industrial classes in the schools of different regions of RA, finances the activities of music and sport clubs, the career consultation activities are carried out with families and young people, special educational programs are developed for individuals. Diaconia Charitable Fund also helps young people who don’t see their future in the village to get higher education in Yerevan or in other cities of RA; the Fund covers tuition fees of the students. There are many cases in the history when famous people hadn’t sparkled with their knowledge at school, but with the help of caring people they received professional education, learned craft, and now the world is talking about them. We are next to the children and young people who need education, not for raising our name, but for educating, for developing a competent and qualified generation for our country. Diaconia Charitable Fund pays tuition fees for about 50 students. The aim of this program is to support young people who strive for knowledge, who will invest their potential in future to contribute to further development and strengthening of our country. The fund also assumed the responsibility of furnishing the only operating school for blinds in RA, as well as the problem of solution of Blinds stationery.

This package is available to both the beneficiaries of Diaconia Charitable Fund and any needy child or family living in the RA or NKR regions who match the criteria of the fund and will apply to the Diaconia Charitable Fund in order to receive an appropriate support and assistance.