Clothes Aid

An expectation of school attendance in the beginning of academic year is a double joy for the child as well as for his parents, but for many people this expectation becomes a desperate situation, which many parents often have to put up with. Parents forcedly accept the bitter reality, but one cannot explain in words to children why the neighbors’ children can attend school with all the necessary accessories, and you … The others have nice school clothes, bags, colored pencils, pens…
The advent of winter for children is a welcome time period of joy, new entertainment opportunities, but there are also many children next to us who are in a big need of clothes for going out, even more for school attendance. Many people have heard about such children and their families. Diaconia Charitable Fund is familiar with the needs of many of them and provides addressed assistance.
We provide school clothes and stationery, school bags and other accessories to needy families’ children who apply to us. Children are provided with warm clothes and winter boots packages on the edge of a severe winter.
These projects become reality thanks to the generous sponsors and donors who are true to charity and Christian values of helping others.