Programs implemented in the rural areas are of crucial importance in the policy of Diaconia Charitable Fund. They are diverse and numerous: seeds, fruit trees, great and small cattle, beehives, amount for necessary equipment for the arranging of sowing works, works related to repair of water pipelines, etc.
The result of the farmer’ s work largely depends on the whims of nature, lack of finances, as well as realization-related difficulties, and often as a result of despair no plowing and sowing is done in the fields, orchards dry out, or which is more painful gardens are being destroyed. A farmer is abandoning the garden, field and his village. By tying a farmer with his land, his village, we are helping to reduce the migration rate.

Assistance programs are important: many of them later merge into an independent and continuous course.
In various regions of RA Diaconia Charitable Fund develops and implements farming programs directed towards potential development of agricultural sectors in the community.
Barley processing program 2015.

The program has been implemented in 4 communities of Tavush region: Verin Karmir Aghbyur, Norashen, Berd and Movses villages. 30 families received barley seeds, fertilizer, fuel, and money to pay to the tractor-operator. Each family cultivated 1 ha of farmland. Crop sale will significantly ease the farmer’s burden.


Barley processing program 2016.

The project was implemented in Varser and Ltchashen communities of Gegharkunik region. 30 beneficiary families were provided with seeds, fertilizer, fuel and money for the tractor-operator’s work done. Each family cultivated 1 ha of farmland.


Eincorn processing program

This program was implemented in Jrashen community of Lori region and Talin and Mastara communities of Aragatsotn region. 30 beneficiary families were provided with seeds, fertilizer, fuel and money for the works done. By this program each family cultivated 1 ha of farmland as well. A farmer will freely master the right of crop use.


Cockshead processing program

Cockshead processing program was implemented in Mets Parni community of Lori region. The number of beneficiary families is 40. Along with the fuel, seeds were provided to the families as well. Each family cultivated 1 ha of farmland.



As a result of difficult social conditions many farmers in different regions of RA have abandoned their fields. The fruit trees were cut down; the gardens were destroyed due to the difficulties of harvest sale.
The Foundation provided 4845 saplings to Talin and Mastara communities of Aragatsotn region and Aghnjadzor community of Vayots Dzor region. Each family received 39 saplings.



The apiculture program was implemented in Aragatsotn region’s Talin town and in Aghavnavank and Khachardzan communities of Tavush region, Marts village of Lori region. 38 families were provided with hives (5 hives per family) to take up bee-keeping.


Cattle breeding program

The program is carried out in an on-going process in different regions of Armenia. Families are provided with great and small cattle. Thank to this program families have a source both of work and healthy food.
All of the presented programs are continuous and from year to year they involve new rural communities and families. Diaconia Charitable Fund accepts proposals for implementation of the projects from all rural communities. The proposals must be justified, transparent and must meet the conditions of the community.

This package is available to both the beneficiaries of Diaconia Charitable Fund and any needy child or family living in the RA or NKR regions who match the criteria of the Fund and will apply to Diaconia Charitable Fund in order to receive an appropriate support and assistance.