Agriculture and cattle breeding

Seedlings / Animals and Fodder / Profit sharing

Agriculture is particularly important in a such a rural country as Armenia. Little by little we are planting orchards, planning, advising and supporting through larger agricultural projects and helping to shoulder the costs of the seeds, seedlings, fertilizer and diesel. People are learning how to cultivate plants and make previously barren areas fertile. With the harvest they can earn their own living. Often there is even enough to give to their wider family, friends and neighbours.

Others receive calves, hens or rabbits for breeding as well as the fodder for them. Sometimes it might be a beehive complete with bees. Where necessary we teach individuals how to manage their business, but the country folk generally prove very capable in such projects. The proceeds are divided: each family which has received animals donates one animal from their first breeding litter to another family of our choice. We keep an eye out so that there are more and more of such breeding opportunities in order to maintain this increase in provision.

We stay in close contact and discussion with the social services and ensure that the help we offer stretches as widely as possible so as not to miss anyone in need.