Summer camps and holidays

Health education / social behavior / the formation of values

Already in the Soviet times, summer camps were a feature of life for families and children throughout Armenia. And still today the state follows this tradition with independent sponsors being requested to contribute through their own programmes. In this way about 500 children aged between 3-18 come together in groups of up to fifty children for a week in the three-month summer holidays to our own centre in Tumanyan, approximately 150km north of Yerevan. Basic things such as health-education and healthcare are part of the programme. Many learn for the first time how to brush their teeth and wash properly, and to eat their meals together. Times flies as they join in with games, workshops and Bible reading.

A special highlight is caring for mothers and their disabled children. It enables the mothers to have space to breathe, unwind and chat with other women who are affected in the same ways while our highly trained co-workers devote themselves to taking care of the children.