Medical and Hygiene

Paediatrician / dentist / psychologist / diapers for those who need them / Hospital care / Coordination of hospital stays

The concept of having a GP (general practitioner) is completely foreign to Armenians, which is why they often go without medical care for far too long. The high costs of hospital care often keep people from going there for advice and help. Not only do our sponsor-children and their families receive help from us; we help a far wider circle of people. The paediatrician we employ gives virtually round-the-clock care; in our own dental clinics our dentists exercise wisdom in treating their patients, and our sociopsychologists know just what is needed. When there are procedures or treatments beyond our expertise, we assist in the planning, coordination and financing of external care. Hospital stays necessitate also that a family member takes care of the patient. The provision of meals in hospital is not a widespread practice in Armenia, and where it is provided, the patient needs to pay extra. We reach out to those affected as best we can and ensure that they have what they need.

Many people in Armenia are unable to afford the most basic items, and this is a burden especially for parents of children with disabilities. We provide diapers and hygiene articles, for example, which they otherwise would be unable to buy and we take care of these children’s well-being.