Advice in financial emergencies / analysis / covering of costs

In a country which had no social or health insurance for a long time the people are knocked off balance by even the smallest of negative circumstances. Armenians don’t need a catastrophe for them to lose everything; it is enough for someone to be ill or to need an operation: the patient has to pay for all medical appointments and necessary operations, setting off a disastrous downward spiral. Clothing, furniture and even apartments may need to be sold to cover the costs. The patient may finally recover but will no longer have the basics for living. We get involved before the worst happens. Our co-workers visit the affected individuals at home, listen to them, build up a picture and discuss options. If, during the guidance process it is clear that they can’t find a good solution on their own, we give support. Then, quickly and at short notice, we undertake to give longer term advice and support.