Child Sponsorship

Food, basic medical care, school materials, social and psychological care

Since Diaconia began, child sponsorship has been a central focus. Currently we are supporting about 3000 children through, and where necessary beyond, their school years as they navigate the long journey out of poverty and where possible, into a self-financed and independent future. In the first place we ensure that children are able to receive a basic education through this sponsorship. We know that success in education depends on many factors: those who are hungry are not able to concentrate, those who are sick are unable to attend school, those who have no paper or pens are unable to do any written assignments. We take that into account! For the most part our sponsor children live with their families, while receiving sufficient food and medical care from us. We ensure that they receive social and psychological support, because they often come from very difficult backgrounds. They receive the school materials they need and resources for learning: a schoolbag, books, paper and pens. We monitor their spiritual development and help them to understand how much God loves them. Where necessary we offer special therapy courses with our experts and when possible, we support them during their professional training or studies. In this way we can achieve quite a bit with our 50Euros monthly sponsorship