Our Projects

Development programs
• granting of scholarships
• securing workplaces by founding various workshops
• development projects in villages
• support programs for Syrian Armenians Refugees (for creating a small business)

Clothing aid
• Provision of school clothes
• Provision of warm clothes
• Warm clothes for lonely elderly people

Food aid
• Providing monthly food packages to beneficiary and non-beneficiary children and families
• Providing food packages to lonely elderly people living in rural communities and towns
• Providing specialty food to disabled or beneficiary children with sickness

Educational programs
• Providing of learning games
• Arranging of preschool groups in villages
• Repair works of schools in rural and border villages
• Forming of activity clubs in schools
• Organizing summer camps
• Funding of beneficiary and non-beneficiary children’s attendance of various clubs (language, music, sport)
• Tuition of beneficiary and non-beneficiary children
• Organizing of specialty clubs

• funding of various surgical procedures
• free dental clinic for the beneficiary children
• pediatrician, who assists the beneficiary children and, if necessary, provides medication or organizes medical procedures
• funding of psychological services
• funding of physiotherapy services
• provision of personal care items and medications to disabled beneficiaries

Social psychological
• financing of psychological servives
• cooperation with orphanages
• sponsorship programs for special schools
• assistance of beneficiaries in social and psychological rough conditions

Agricultural projects
• various types of agricultural projects in rural communities
• providing seeds
• green house economies
• providing of agricultural machinery
• support of small farms
• creating of small beekeeping farms

Construction programs
• providing of apartments to homeless families (Huysi Avan)
• renovation or partial construction works of flats of the families that reached out to the Fund
• partial or full repair works of schools, kindergartens, medical institutions
• provision of building materials to those beneficiaries that are capable to work and those willing to renovate their apartments
• water pipelines repair works in rural areas
• renovation works in border communities