President: Baruir Jambazian

Baruir was born in Lebanon in 1971, the second son of Hakob and Qnar. He grew up in a loving family in which he was protected in keeping with traditional Armenian values. His positive childhood memories are mixed; the war in Lebanon; his family often needing to flee; migration to America, England and Germany. In summer of 1988 he came for the first time to Armenia with a German Aid Transport to support families who had lost their homes. Motivated by these impressions, he decided in later years to return to his homeland as soon as his training was finished in order to serve his beloved nation. But this was still a long way off; next came the study of psychology at the university of Münster followed by further study in Siegen. While preparing for his thesis Baruir visited various psychiatric clinics in Armenia in 1998. Then in 1999 he finally resettled and began to work fulltime in the organisation which his father had begun: the Diaconia Charitable Fund.

Baruir Jambazian is married to Anna, has two grown-up children and is President of the Foundation.