Founder: Hakob Jambazian

Hakob Jambazian was born into the Armenian diaspora community in Jerusalem and later moved to Jordan with his family. At the age of 18 he received a scholarship from an American sponsor and studied at the Theological Seminar in Beatenberg in Switzerland. From there his journey led him to Lebanon, where he broadcast Christian radio programmes to Armenia via Transworld Radio, the head office of which is in Monte Carlo. That, for Hakob, was far more than just work. It was his calling. Through it he saw the possibility of nourishing the nation’s faith in God while also guarding their spiritual roots as much as possible.
When the war reached Lebanon, Hakob Jambazian and his family resettled in Germany. Supported in his cause by his family, he held events almost every weekend all over Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. He spoke of the faith of the Armenians, their search for God and of their culture. He launched aid programmes and through these events, campaigned successfully for support for the poor in Armenia.
“Need is something which undermines human dignity,” Hakob Jambazian once said. “It is a temporary status from which one wants to be set free as soon as possible. I am convinced that we can and should do our part. For the well-being of mankind and for the glory of God.”