Our Story: Diaconia

When an earthquake hit the country in 1988, Hakob Jambazian was deeply moved and founded a work which has helped thousands of Armenians to get food, clothing, medical assistance and spiritual support. In 2001 this undertaking finally took on the name by which it is known today: the Diaconia Charitable Fund. Assistance was given all over Armenia and it became a first aid station for the poor, orphans, people with disabilities and Armenian war refugees from Syria.

In the beginning the work focused on around thirty families, and what at first sight looked like an insignificant undertaking, quickly developed into something much bigger. Over the years individual donors and organisations have stood behind the Foundation and enabled it to increase its help ministry. As well as the provision of vital goods, Diaconia also helped with educational agricultural projects, offered training workshops, accommodation and a broad spectrum of medical care.

Supported by the government, the Foundation built the Village of Hope, in which around 500 people were given a home in the 78 houses built on 16 hectares of land. Each accommodation had its own garden, in which fruit and vegetables could be grown. In total more than 4000 people have been supported on a monthly basis. And the number is growing.