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Any person or families with social or health problems can become the beneficiary of Diaconia Charitable Fund.  The application should be emailed to the address displayed on the Fund’s website, or presented in person to the Fund’s office. Based on the application, a special committee is formed to study the social situation of the family or an individual, review all the provided documentation, and then the case is included in a respective program.

All of this is presented to the Fund’s donors, people who are willing to help the families in need. The funds collected by the previously presented program are used for solving various social issues of the families involved in the programs. The donors of relevant programs receive a final report on the family, the photos and documents on how the funds provided by donors have been used are also attached to the report.

The main criteria of the Fund are as follows:


Large families



1.Applicants information

Indicate the support card number in case your child

2.Family Information

Family status
/there are.../

In the spaces below please fill out the information about people living in the family:





3.Apartment conditions, family income

What income does the family have?

4.What are the needs of the household?

5.Other information

(below you can provide additional details about your family, and the defined need)

I would like the fund to inform me about the ongoing status of my target support