Need is a condition no one is impervious to. Regardless of the wealth one has one can find himself in a status of a beggar in a matter of hours. Today by helping those in need first of all we help ourselves, execute the will of God; what you reap is what you sow.

This is one of the golden rules of the Bible. If God gave us, believing Christians, the opportunity, we should give from our part but not a surplus to those ones who need our help. This is not an obligation. This is one of the formulas to live a godly and useful life. The blessings of a person looking to be helped can give more than the investment of tens of thousands dollars. We believe in this principle, we live by this principle. This principle can also become yours.

Helping the Fund’s beneficiary

In the framework of various projects and programs Diaconia Charitable Fund lends a helping hand to the needy families living in the villages and cities of RA. You can also have your contribution and help the beneficiaries of the Fund by donating clothes, household items or provide financial help. The Fund accepts cash money, bank checks or a bank transfer. Online money transfer option is not available.
By completing this form you can contact the Fund in order to help. If necessary, you can send us your concerns.

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