Huysi Avan

Since 2001 in collaboration with the Government of RA and Yerevan Municipality Diaconia Charitable Fund brought into being “Huysi Avan” charity project, which was designed to build the houses of hope for 200 needy families. On the 6th of August, 2001 upon the Government decision, 16 hectares of land near Ashtarak highway was allocated to Diaсonia Charitable Fund.
Besides apartments the program also included a construction of a secondary school, college with adjoining workshop, a two-storey administrative building, polyclinics, entertainment and shopping centers. After a short time a joyful noise of previously homeless but now living in their own comfortable township children could be heard. 78 apartments out of planned 200 ones were built. 78 large families with 500 members now live in the apartments with permanent water, heating, telephone, and all communication facilities necessary for living.
The apartments also have a smallholding of 400 square meters. An irrigation network was laid for cultivating and tending the gardens; works on the improvement of lawns and fence construction as well as asphalt works were caried out. The Fund also completed the construction of the administrative building, the school and the adjoined workshop. The remaining works are in progress.