Confectionery production

Aghnjadzor is about 200 km away from Yerevan. It doesn’t differ much from other villages: the same monotonous routine, lack of employment, busybody women who became the head of the household instead of men, who had gone abroad for work, helpless old people. The Fund developed a program of running a pastry shop in Aghnjadzor. Residents greeted the news with enthusiasm.
The village head provided the repaired area of the shop, The Fund has provided everything necessary for the work of the shop, that is: ovens, refrigerator, small tools necessary for baking cakes, plates and primary food products needed to start the production. The program was originally put together for women living in the village, but the enthusiasm was so great that the men got involved in this process as well. The shop is running. Besides pastries they also bake delicious bread and Armenian traditional lavash here, everything is baked to long forgotten traditional recipes. There is an important thing too: the production is made only of local, organic products. Ten people have jobs, their neighbors dealing with livestock have a permanent buyer of sour milk, milk and eggs. The village head is doing everything to ensure the number of orders. They have an intention to sell the products not only in their village, but also in the neighboring villages and towns. The operating shop has а short term program: they are saving money for gaining their own delivery car. Economy operates, people’s day is filled with joy of work, they are gratified both by the result, and the help which they have already planned to implement: to deliver every day fresh patties to the village school and kindergarten. Upon this program, thanks to the assistance of Diaconia Charitable Fund’s sponsors, another production was opened in one more community which gave an opportunity to ten families to have a steady income, to their neighbors to have steady orders, to the village- farmers who enjoy the fruits of their labor and don’t complain on the unpromising future.