Summer camp

As every year, this summer also, “Diaconia” charity fund organized a summer camp for children from families who have special needs. The camp brought together children from Artsakh, Yerevan, northern and southern border villages of Armenia.

The most important mission of the summer camp was to conduct psychological work with children and to support them for being integrated in society. As a result of this project, the stereotype of being “neglected” by children living in vulnerable segments of the villages was broken. The daily routine of children was filled with various cognitive campaigns, with various sports, intellectual and entertainment games. Work was done with children to help them overcome their complexes, revealing their undiscovered skills and talents. It is extremely important to create an environment for children where they will be able to express themselves freely and feel themselves the full member of society. “Diaconia” charity fund, remaining true to its principles, will also implement similar camps in the future to help children with disabilities.