Pediatrician’s regular visit

The pediatrician of Diaconia Charitable Fund Marina Ghukasyan made her regular visits to the beneficiaries of the Fund – children with disabilities of different groups, talked to their caregivers, parents and doctors. It should be pointed out that most of the children, to our delight, visited the Fund themselves and had a few hours for games and conversation with their accompanying doctor. The Fund provides monthly medication, special food, diapers and other care products for disabled children of families living in rough social conditions. «It is simply impossible to list all the diseases we deal with.  We must concentrate on one fact only. These kids are bright, happy beings, they want to play, run around, communicate with their peers, and go out. But they are “imprisoned” because of a certain illness. The aim of each of us should be focusing to keep front and center these children, not to let their parents lose heart. The social problems are lots today which unable the parents of disabled children to provide their children with basic care or medication. Thanks to our friends supporting the Fund we provide these children with special hours of therapy, medication, care supplies, diapers, wheelchairs, etc. It is a hard and responsible work to deal monthly with children having more than fifty different types of disabilities. We are doing our best for these children. And say for sure the desirable results of this work is to see the continuous improvements of relieving these people’s burden», mentioned Marina Ghukasyan, who has been the Fund’s pediatrician since 2003.