Gift packages for our beneficiaries

About 4000 beneficiaries of Diaconia Charity Fund use the different programs of the Fund, and this aid is provided by a well-defined schedule. We develop and implement various projects to ease the burden of our great family members, but there is something the joy of which always surprises our beneficiaries, regardless of how often it is organized. What is meant here is gift- packages. This time also according to the tradition, we were getting ready for the joy of delivering surprises to the recipients. More than 2,000 beneficiaries from Yerevan and different regions got their gifts: toys, blankets, household items. We were also excited; it was an inexplicable joy to see people’s enthusiasm. Not only the gift’s appearance, quantity, cost was of importance to them, but the attention and care they were surrounded with as well. There was also a Bible in each gift package. Not without reason there was that gift as it is intended for the entire life, a spiritual repast. A person can be full in terms of eye, stomach, but if the soul is hungry, he will always feel himself in need.
The Fund expresses its special gratitude to all sponsors for giving so much joy to these children and families. Special thanks also to all our employees for organizing and carrying out this mega and divine work.