Farewell sadness

The sadness of farewell, with wishes of happier days to come…There are quite a few of those, and their destiny is not the best. These children who ended up being in different situations are now grown, and are entering adulthood. Gone are the memories of their sad and painful past, and they are now off to their next life chapter, taking with them the brightness and humanity that has been surrounding them for years, thanks to Diaconia Charitable Fund.

Up until today, we meet new children that are also in need of our help. Their needs turn into our own over the course of time, we start living their problems, and we are happy to see them succeed. These children eventually become members of one big family where everyone is dear to each other. Now we are saying farewell to the elders. We met these young people years ago when they were still very small, and they don’t remember much of their early childhood now, but we remember them all, we remember each of their names, remember the path we have passed through with them, thanks to our generous and gracious sponsors, as well as our team-work.

Those memories were not always happy, but today we can already say that we are happy since they are happy. The mood is cheerful in Diaconia Charitable Fund. Lusine,Varduhi, Albert, Karen and Mariam sent their words of gratitude and farewell to their sponsors, and received special gifts from sponsors. “We” have been the beneficiaries of Diaconia Charitable Fund since 2001.

The  most important thing that has developed throughout these years, is our mentality. We have learned to notice a person in front of us, hear, love and respect them. Now we work for various organizations on a voluntary basis and we try our best to be useful. This is something we have learned from our sponsors and the staff of Diaconia Charitable Fund.  The Fund has been working with these children since 2001. We have been next to them, living with their concerns up until today. Majority of them are now students of higher educational institutions, learning their preferred profession; they no longer have the status of needy people, and they are ready to be useful to their families, the society and the state … You can feed someone every day, take care of his other needs, but you may not be able to fulfill his most important need – establishing his self-esteem (but not his self-centered ego).

 Being set free from a needy person’s status is a huge victory for anyone. We are happy that due to efforts from our sponsors, psychology teachers, doctors, our entire team and volunteers, we have been able to change many important things in the lives of these young people that have proved themselves as individuals and are on the right path. We have taught them with our actions on how to not stay indifferent towards other people’s needs; and how to share from their own portion, rather than giving leftovers. God bless all of those with a kind and caring heart. We love you. Best of luck in your adventures to a grown-up life.