Beekeeping in Lorut village

A project directed to the development of village communities

Development of beekeeping in Lorut village of Lori region

For years / Soviet period/ in Armenia it was a common practice of organizing Industry-focused Practical Training at schools and higher education institutions. Over the years this practice is not applied completely in towns, and more or less in some places. This principle was a perfect method for the child’s labor education. From the very childhood the child got familiar with the organization of work, difficulties of labor and the joy of the results. This also sowed the respect seeds for the work of others. A labor education forming an important part of the educational process is widely spread in the progressive world. The implementation of such programs by sponsors for Armenia is addressed not only to labour nurturing but also the development of rural communities. In 2014 with the assistance of Diaconia Charitable Fund and the sponsors the secondary school of Lorut village in Lori region gained 40 beehives and even a bee-family. The aim of the program was to teach the students bee-keeping which later would become a profession for them. The other point of the project is as follows: in case of increasing the number of bees each of the children learning bee keeping  will be able to take home one beehive and in addition, a portion will be provided to schools and kindergartens as food for children. The program solves the problem of employment, as well as gives an opportunity to the inhabitants of the entire village to get profit. The project is ongoing, thus contributing to the development of one more community.