The history

The Fund’s history has a background without which there would have been no history. My father, Hakob Jambazian, was born in Jerusalem, later the family moved to Jordan. At the age of 18 with the help of an American philanthropist he traveled to Switzerland where he studied theology at the Beatenberg Bible College. Then he moved to Lebanon, where he started christian Radioprogramms in Armenian with Trans World Radio, Monte Carlo. This was not just work for having a job. This way may father was trying to keep the faith of the Armenians in God, and them as close to our roots as possible. We grew up with this mentality as well. Because of the war in Lebanon we moved to Germany. Every weekend we were organizing events with my father in various cities of Germany, Holland, Switzerland. We were presenting the Armenians, their faith, their search for God, their culture. We were implementing aid programs in Lebanon for the Armenians who found themselves troubled. In December 1988, grave news of the Spitak earthquake reached us, a week after the disaster Armenian Help Center was founded which became a support for the thousands of children and their families (bibles, food, clothing, medicine, medical equipment, etc.). Years later, in 2001, AHC was renamed in Diaconia Charitable Fund. Programs adopted by AHC of Germany became multipolar, including large, poor families living across Armenia, orphans, disabled children, Armenians who emigrated from Syria and families who suffered during Artsakh conflict. We started the aid organization from the support of 25-30 families, but this was just a small beginning of a great work. Later the Organization was renamed in Diaconia Charitable Fund. Over the years, both individuals and donor organizations have joined our mission: food, clothing, improvement of living conditions, support, organization of agricultural works in the fields of education and health. We carry out small and intermediate development projects in Armenia and in Artsakh as well. The largest project carried out by the fund was the construction of Huysi Avan community. In 2001, by the decision of government, we built 78 houses for 500 residents on 16 hectares of land allotted to Diaconia Charitable Fund. These days the history of the Fund is spreading by the history of our more than 4,000 beneficiaries. Need is a phenomenon which is not related to human dignity. It’s a temporary state, which one should come out of worthily. We believe that with our work done we will be able to reach the point of helping people to get out the state of a needy temporary situation.

President of Diaconia Charitable Fund

Baruyr Jambazian