Baruyr Jambazian was born on the 27th of July, 1971 in Lebanon, he is the second son of Hakob and Qnar Jambazians. He has been cradled in love and care of the parents who zealously followed Armenian traditions and denied alienation. А sensitive side of childhood memories is associated with the war evolved in Lebanon, the pitiable state of helpless people seeking a shelter. Jambazians family had to immigrate several times to America, England, and then to Germany. Since 1979 the family finally settled down in Germany. In the summer of 1989 Baruyr Jambazian came to Armenia for the first time. With the aim of delivery the aid organized by the Armenian Help Center of Germany he visited many families left  shelterless after the earthquake and took up a decision of moving to his homeland and working for his nation. The decision wasn’t taken under disturbing psychological impression, it became a goal, but first he had to finish school and get an education. After finishing school in 1992, Baruyr entered Münster University and began to study psychology. After studying for five years he continued his education in Siegen University.

In order to write a graduate thesis in 1998 he came to Armenia to visit several psychiatric hospitals. Shortly after he informed his parents about his decision to settle down in Armenia. From 1999 he began working at the charitable organization Armenian Help Center at the time, which had been founded by his father, Hakob Jambazian. In 2001,  AHC was renamed Diaconia Charitable Fund, the president and works head of which became Baruyr Jambazian.

Up to now he is the Fund’s president and an active implementer of all projects.
Baruyr Jambazian is married, he has a son Menua, and a daughter, Marie.