A sewing workshop

A decision to open a small sewing workshop in Talin was taken in 2014, during the regular visit of the Fund. The residents couldn’t even imagine that the program will soon become a reality.
It did become a reality thanks to the friendly support of Diaconia Charitable Fund’s donors. The dearest dream of Talin residents and personally its mayor is already a reality: a small sewing workshop, which promises a great prospect and a better future for the town and its residents, was opened in Talin.
The Fund provided the factory with modern sewing machines, high-quality fabrics, threads. Professional free courses were arranged for people working with new model sewing machines. Talin residents often were the beneficiaries of the Fund’s various projects; however this was a special one for them: people are able to work and to be paid for their work, to fend their family care-about themselves.
The program highly inspired not only the residents of Talin, but the workers of all Aragatsotn regional administration as well. Local authorities expressed their willingness to help the factory with orders and active sales promotions. For example, on the 12th of May, 2015 during the opening ceremony of the workshop the chief doctor of the hospital in Talin, managers of banks operating here, chief of police expressed their willingness to order everything necessary for their work in this workshop. Thus the problem of products sale will be solved.
The mayor of Talin joined the program. It is planned that the sewing workshop becomes not only a production center, but along with it also a training center will operate. That means that those that are willing to learn how to sew can come here and the factory workers will train them. The courses will be free of charge. The residents of Talin believe that the small workshop will expand someday and become a large factory; this will be not only a production, but also an educational center not only for the town of Talin but for the entire region as well. This will be in the foreseeable future, and upcoming there is a plan to provide funds from the profit of small production for the renovation works of the daycare adjacent to the workshop. This sewing workshop of Talin promises a great continuation of a small deed.
People’s enthusiasm is growing day by day, craftsmen-professionals will not have to leave Armenia in hope of finding jobs, and employees will have stable income, with the course of time several dozens of people will join the 10 workers.