Nataly Sinoryan

 June 26, 1993, Moscow

 “My road”

 Each person has his own road of life. It is not always straight and smooth. There are intersecting parallels that can interrupt the motion for an uncertain period of time … sometimes physically. Now I live in Yerevan and work surrounded by precious and important people for me, but my life road was mentally interrupted a few years ago…

We lived in Moscow. As every child I also had my dream of becoming a princess, but once when I was 6, my childhood ended very unexpectedly, very quickly. My mother died of an accident. My brother and I became orphaned. We moved to Yerevan. Our grandparents raised us. We didn’t have any lack of care and warmth, but there was a need of livelihoods. We could hardly live on our wits by making both ends meet. One day my grandfather’s friend told that there is a Fund in Yerevan that helps orphans. We reached out to Diaconia Charitable Fund. It was late 1999 when the home phone rang up. It was a call from the Fund. They told that they had made aware of our needs and there is a family from Switzerland ready to sponsor us. Since that day the parallels have intersected in my life once again, a hope light was kindled again in my soul; I began to believe in miracles again. It was very surprising and good news for me as the sponsors did not know me, they knew just my story, I was only familiar to them with my photos. My grandfather asked by what logic they had chosen me. Sponsor’s letter was translated, and it turned out that their daughter’s name was Natalie as well, and she was born on June 27, and by origin they were the Armenians who had survived the tragedy of 1915. Their parents emigrated first to Italy, then to Switzerland. My family expanded, I gained new relatives in the true sense of the word, they were filling the days of my life with joy and hope. I was receiving gifts 2-3 times a year. Of course, those gifts were very important for me, but the most important thing for me was the epistolary relationship with my new relatives.

I did well at school. I decided to enter higher education institutions without fail. I had dreams that I wanted to fulfill in Armenia.
In May 2010 after finishing school I entered Yerevan State University the Faculty of Russian Philology. The scores received dropped short for tuition-free education. My grandmother could not help. It seemed that my path will be interrupted again, but I got a call again … yes, from Diaconia Fund. They said that my sponsor had arrived to Armenia and wanted to meet me. My happiness was indescribable since I had been waiting for that meeting for more than 10 years. The meeting was very exciting and fine.  We spent almost the whole day together. The sponsor learned that I entered the University and had problems with tuition fee. He took upon himself all the financial costs.

In September 2010 I was already a student of the University. I had such a strong desire for studying and doing new things that parallel to studying I became a member of the Student Council and one year later I was a president of the Student Council and a member of the Board of trustees of YSU.

In 2014 after completing Bachelor’s programmer of Russian Philology I was admitted to the PR department of Master’s programme of the Faculty of Sociology.
  In May 2015 I met my sponsors, for the second time. I had so much to tell them.  My success was their success, too.

In May 2016 I took leave of my campus life. I don’t know where the parallels of my life could have taken me to, I cannot say, but the offer of Diaconia Charitable Fund’s Deputy Director Anna Jambazian clarified my further path. Now I work in the Fund as a PR specialist.

I am not a fatalist, but I believe that at a time when it seems that you have lost everything, that you can change nothing in your life path your life road may cross another process and you start everything from new pages, new direction.

One of the easiest things in life is to be indifferent, indifferent to the needs and life of others. Diaconia Charitable Fund hasn’t chosen an easy way, it helps humped people who have lost their faith in life to remain human beings and learn how to help others. I was helped, now I’m helping by my work just yet, I understand that there are no small things in this great deed; every step is a large part in the chain. I believe, you do also believe in miracles, in your turn you also become the participant of miracles creation and flash a smile to those who need it.