Marat Nundi

 1 March, 1993

“I live in the world of my own”

They say that the birth of every human is predetermined and each one has his own star in the universe. The expression “born under a lucky planet” cannot always be used for describing people. There are cases when the successes and failures of human life are mainly due to that man’s attitude to life and to the others; there are cases when by your birth right you can change nothing in your life. Marat is a disabled child; he has serious problems with the central nervous system. Medical diagnosis is beside the point. He lives next to us, in our society, however he lives a life separated from us. In that world he is alone with his thoughts, doesn’t speak, often gets angry, struggles with the first available plastic bags and yells. Mother doesn’t abandon Marat, helps him as far as her strength and knowledge permit, but she is unable to give more. They live on Marat’s disability pension and pension provided by State. Diaconia Charitable Fund is next to this family, the support is not limited just by providing hygiene products and medication. The Fund’s pediatrician every month visits them and gets acquainted with the  child’s condition, talks to his mother.  Marat loves to listen to music. And let none of you say that he lives alone in his world. He has his own conversation with the music … a silent one.