I will certainly fulfill my mother’s dream

When we met Angelica and her 11-year-old brother, the children were depressed, scared. They had lost their father. A 52-year-old man was one of the players of the “Ararat 73” football team. They had been living in humble conditions of life. After father’s death, mother was left in the care of the children; she was seriously ill, suffering from Elephantiasis. A 44-year-old woman had become heavy-weight. Children were exerting every effort to help their mother reach the place in order to relieve natural functions. Aunt was helping in the household, but could not do more; it was the last stage of the disease. Shortly a year after their father’s death Angelica and Eric lost their mother. Their aunt Angela Mardiyan took the orphaned children under her care.

Despite the limited opportunities (aunt’s family-her son, daughter in law and grandson, live in a rented apartment) aunt didn’t leave the children alone. Angelica will soon finish school. She is dreaming of studying at the Linguistic University, where she will also have a chance of getting a second profession (she is interested in tourism field). She does well at school. Despite her illness, mother always checked homework; took care to ensure that all children were ready for lessons. To prepare for the entrance exams in Armenian and English, she had to take individual classes. The money issue was very important; the aunt could do nothing with her meager income of cook. Angelica is not discouraged; she is still learning and does not lose hope. She is also in need for moral and psychological support … The wounds are still fresh. There are many children in the world with Angelica’s and Eric’s fate, but there are also people who simply can’t stand by idly to the fate of children in need of help.