Erik Khachatryan

 September 16, 1999, Yerevan

 “I like talking to the wood”

 Erik Khachatryan. He lives in Yerevan in a full family including his  parents, two brothers, a sisiter, a grandmother and a grandfather.

 Day burden is not light. The elder family members don’t have work, the adults can’t be of any help in this respect as well, but parents don’t want their son to be lost, they want him to achieve anything in his life.

He didn’t leave the school unfinished, he even passed a high school. Although he has no special love for learning and his academic performance is weak, but still since his childhood he had a great interest in crafts.

He could isolate himself for hours and fight with a piece of wood at hand as long as he got the desired image. The fight gradually turned into a beautiful conversation, day by day the number of statues was increasing, as well as the necessary home items were made.

Of course, parents noticed their child’s talent, but they had no means for getting additional education and purchasing necessary tools.

The boy did not give up his dream; he continued to create at heart.  Since 2003 Diaconia Charitable Fund took Erik under its care and he became a beneficiary of the Fund.

The sponsors learned about the boy’s dream: they purchased the necessary tools for woodworking, thus laying the cornerstone of the boy’s childhood dream.

Now he is getting a professional education, and as he says, “Miracles do happen in life”. Yes, as they say, when you believe in dream, you are believed in and supported. Now his life has gained new colors, the family is filled with hope that one day he will become a furniture-maker and will help his family, and in this issue “master” Erik already has his assistant-students; for his two brothers Erik is not only an example of a master, but also a man who is believing in and following his dream.

One day, if you see a beautiful wooden work with Erik Khachatryan‘s autograph, be sure that he is our Erik, one of the children who doesn’t give up his dreams.

You can also become one of the benefactors who notice  gifted children and give a chance to discover their talents.