Cherchikyans' Family

Three generations of eight under one roof in 18 sq.m. room and an idle sewing machine left from the Soviet times

 What one can fit in 18 sq. m. room?  By a long stretch of the imagination many things, and what if eight people – grandparents, father and mother and four children …

 It is already a cause for concern, but if the windows have no glass. Closed by sheet of tin or old blanket, if the floor is rotted, the roof is dilapidated, hot water and heating is unforgivable extravagance … If the only gold fish a sewing machine left from Soviet times “has taken offence” and doesn’t sew any longer, so what tailor Anahit, who has been carrying the whole burden of Charchikyans family for years should do. Going mad is not a solution either. Debts are being accumulated, children should be raised… Charchikyans family has been living for 40 years in the suburbs of Ararat, the family is in the extremely difficult situation. They lost their daily bread in the truest sense of the word. They reached out to “Diaconia” Charitable Fund.
The Fund provided a family with two multifunctional sewing machines, clothing materials. The woman is happy. She says that it’s ok that her legs hurt, and she has serious health problems, all the same she will sew, sell and will handle this …As for visiting a doctor, she says that something will turn up. She believes that things will come right.