Asif Alex

August 8, 2011, Yerevan

“What color do you see the world in?”

 When we hear about sick children, some are trying to find at the very core of all this the answer of parents’ spent life, criticize, preach to live a more discreet and sober life. We are not to judge people; it is not our right to condemn the moral side of their actions.

Each of us is responsible for his actions and his life, and when there is a sick child, when there is a need, we can only help be actions, by words, but not by preachment.

Alex is a handicapped person. He suffers from cerebral palsy. Also he cannot see. His father abandoned his wife and a sick child. The mother does not work as she is engaged in her son’s care.

There is no need to look for happy notes in the biographical data: the situation is darker, however the mother and son were living their life share. Since 2015 the child has been the beneficiary of Diaconia Charitable Fund and every month he receives food stuffs, medicine, and diapers. What can be changed in this family’s life …depending on people’s care a lot of things. And if one day a miracle happens, and with the help of kind people Alex will gain sight… Perhaps … we do believe.


If you are touched by this child’s fate, and are willing to help his family, reach out to Diaconia Charitable Fund office or email us.