Tuittion support

“Diaconia” charitable fund this year also supported many students to get tuittion support highlighting the importance of youth in the development of our country. More than 50 students who applied to the fund, received full compensation of tuition. The selection was based on their educational progress and social status.

Today the coordinator of the fund Arus Manikyan gathered some of the students. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, students talked about their proffesional future plans. They expressed gratitude to the sponsors of this important project and all those who, in every way, supported them to make their education possible.

And as great Garegin Nzhdeh said, “If you want to see the future of a nation, look at its youth.” They are tomorrow’s day of our country and our important mission is to help them to get education in the best educational institutions of our country and abroad, to become professionals in their work, so they can stimulate to develop our homeland and make it internationally recognizable.