Silva Kasajyan

On the picture is Mrs. Silva Kasajyan , one of the donors  of Diakonia Charitable Fund. For the first time today, she met the needy family living in the village of Aygut , which she has been sponsoring for years. She is one of those Armenians that only has vague memories of her Homeland, across the ocean, but her patriotism and her love towards her Homeland and her nation remains the same. Her family used to live in the area of the Euphrates River. She would often remember what her Grandma had told her about their life in Turkey, and she truly believed that someday the crime that was committed against the Armenian nation would be officially adopted by all countries of the world. As she says, ‘though I live far from my Homeland, I live for it’. For this reason, after so many years of residing in Germany with her three children, she finally came to visit Armenia, the birthplace of her ancestors. The impressions were touching – Mrs. Kasajyan was visiting Armenia for the first time with her two daughters. This kind-hearted  grey-headed  lady was genuinely concerned about the future of children in needy Armenian families, and when she learned that there are many poor children in border villages that dream of seeing Yerevan, the capital, but cannot afford it, she got very upset, even had tears in her eyes. She asked us to make sure those children’s dream comes true, by organizing a private tour to Yerevan that was fully financed from her side. It made us feel very proud that there is this Armenian lady who lives across the ocean, who has a big heart , and is doing her best to support her country and its people, with her actions of humanity. The team of Diaconia charitable fund expresses its gratitude and utmost respect to Mrs. Kasajyan for all her efforts to support the fund.