Happy Children’s Day!

The world is seen in the child’s eyes, his own world, sometimes happy, sometimes sad and hungry. No matter what age, ethnicity and race he is, he needs a constant care, affection and love. How our world would be if there weren’t these children around us: these cheerful, noisy, sometimes stubborn, but always direct, frank and honest creatures. The life would be colorless, people-heartless, the fortune-meaningless, because children are our present and future, the continuers of our deed, the heirs of our fortune. The parents’ all wishes are connected with them and they are willing to run head against a wall for them. Such children are happy ones. There are thousands of children around us with the same rights and needs that are in need of warmth, parental love, moreover they often go to bed with an empty stomach.

During our years of activity we have met thousands of such children for whom childhood just ended up without even starting, abandoned and neglected because of objective or subjective reasons. One of the main missions of Diaconia Charitable Fund is to change these children’s everyday life, to make it colorful, to surround them with care and love, to give them confidence and hope for the better life and somehow to fulfill their wants and needs.

To protect a child first and foremost means fail to be indifferent to his existence, to be able to hear and understand him. There are families where the child has everything, there are families where the term “everything” is figurative:  everything is referred first to the sowing of spiritual values and forming of national treasure. There are children living in other conditions who wonder what’s up with that,  they think that the problem is that they are not better than others  and they  cannot  be like others.

It is here that there should be supporting and caring people next to them. Of course we will not reach to all the children of the world, but our Fund, thanks to our sponsors, who in the matter of helping a child do not classify him into relative and stranger, is next to the needy children across NKR and Armenia. When talking about children’s rights and their protection we must always remember that a child has the right to have a family, this is not only a right, but also a basic requirement, from which the rest of his rights derives. Children’s rights are clearly spelled out in law, but there is a law that does not need any statement or  obligation, children must have a happy, peaceful, carefree and proper childhood.


Diaconia Charitable Fund’s president Baruyr Jambazian